La La Land 

I'll be goddamned if I didn't already stray from the music.

I'll be goddamned if I put life before the love.

I'll be goddamned if commitment won't get me killed.

I'll be goddamned when I no longer have moments of clarity like this.

I'll be goddamned if that wasn't a good movie.


Aside from being a painfully accurate portrayal of the good, bad, and indifferent of artistry, I can't get the "surprise dinner" scene out of my head.


He comes home to surprise her.

She's excited.

He supports her ambitions.

She makes an insightful statement about him never being around.

He reminds her that it was her idea to suck the man and work with for a guy and a sound he hates to make a living.

She's unfazed, and proceeds.

He goes too far.



I mean, damn. This is the world: 

"Frank, get a job you bum. Use that damn MBA."

(Whispers) "Yeah, he's barely working these days. I keep telling him to play live"

(Gets job. Has no Be Frank Brands time)

"Why do you work so much..."




Imagine if I tried to squeeze dating or personal time into an 8am-12am schedule. Good Luck.


And the problem is I love Selfish Dreams. Everyone loves Selfish Dreams. SD month was nil. And now it's out.


Take this experience. Now listen to the song. What am I talking about? Who am I talking to?



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