Learn to Like to Read What You Like to Read (So Long As it's Worthwhile)

I could read well in grade school (t t t today junior {Billy Madison}), but most of my young days were spent watching TV/movies, sporting, and doing anything on God's Green Earth that didn't involve reading (outside of Captain Underpants). I dunno, "is it just me" (says Drake), but repeats on Spongebob seem just as appetizing today.


If you haven't heard this before (newish lesson to me): It is ok to read things that you like. Capitalism is (theoretically) working in your favor, weeding out boring books containing good information while supporting entertaining books with good information. BUT, choose one that does both (inform and entertain) and read it at a progressing pace over time. Don't judge yourself against Warren Buffet and his 500 pages per day. That's extra af.


The biggest hurdle is making the time. TIP: Make it easy for yourself. I'm lazy as hell sometimes, but I drive 30 minutes to Nashville 4 or 5 days a week; boom, audiobooks. So many wasted years of my life. I read before bed too, then pass out 10 pages in like a fizzle. And that's ok (for a fizzle).


After reading David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell on the way out to MT last week and learning how hard people with dyslexia have to work to read, I feel like such a jerk for wasting my time and ability. TWO pages in TWO hours for some with dyslexia. Increible. I'm never complaining again....I know that's the same brand of guilt your mom gave you with the "kids starving in the world" but hey, it got me to eat my vegetables. Today it's almost all vegetables and I'm "feelin' good feelin' great....feelin' great feelin' good. how are you?" (courtesy of Outkast).


3 books 2 years ago. 25 (and growing) this past year. Swear I'm not bragging (i'm VERY ordinary to below ordinary in a lot of areas, reading being one of them). I'm saying that to say if I can, you can.



  • Learning (imagine that)
  • Be somebody with something worthwhile to say (lot of people blowing hot air these days...2 hands, no fingers pointed. Use your imagination.)
  • It can reveal and inform your subconscious (HUGE in my line of work)
  • I'm always looking for recommendations


Ridiculous Benefits:

  • Look learned in a coffee shop
  • When you're done, it'll make a nice hat
  • Have something to chuck in this year's "Chuck-A-Thing-A-Thon" ("Chuck-A-Thing-A-Thon 2017" is MY idea. MY IDEA!)


Look, this post was way loose, but its 10:20pm on a Sunday and after a day hacking this website stuff, so am I. mmmmmmHolla

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