My hopes for Be Frank Spirit

Along my journey into music and these related endeavors, I've discovered a need for two things to feel self-actualized:


1) A strong of sense of introspection aided by vulnerability and hard-work


2) A sense of community with individuals who encourage and share their talents readily


At the beginning, I would only acknowledge the first, convincing myself that I had all that it took (internally) to pursue my dreams. My ego, my newfound passion, and a learned work "until you drop" ethic pushed me away from everyone and everything.


It took two years and a wall of stagnation/frustration to realize that I needed help. I didn't need to go it alone. I couldn't.


The change has been slow and remains a long-term project. Overcoming demons and self-inflicted fears remains a daily task.  However, I have found (and continue to seek after) individuals who support me in my pursuit and humbly offer their experience and talents so that I may continue on my journey to be better and happier than yesterday. I have seen the fruits of their labor as I have grown.


So as for Be Frank Spirit: I hope to embrace and encourage a community of aspiring individuals. A community of those desiring and seeking positive, honest change in their lives. A community awakening to the wealth of genuine possibilities both internally and externally.


A community much like the artists and musicians who have embraced me.







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