There is nothing more important than time invested in yourself in pursuit of your greatest happiness.”

— Anonymous

Be Frank Spirit: Blog

*Disclaimer: The majority of these will be informational, introspective, and hopefully inspiring, but once in a while they'll be ridiculous. Enjoy the nuggets as they come. It's what makes this whole thing human.

La La Land 

I'll be goddamned if I didn't already stray from the music.

I'll be goddamned if I put life before the love.

I'll be goddamned if commitment won't get me killed.

I'll be goddamned when I no longer…

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Why Barista?

No, it's not coffee shop music. I don't even really drink/like coffee. Check that, I'd rather drink raw eggs than coffee. So why Barista?


Other than the obvious tell, referencing years logged in the service industry, Barista

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The Impossible

The Foundation:

Looking now it may seem obvious, but prior notions that within 3 years I could learn to play guitar and sing, write and record an album, and build a multi-platformed website remains preposterous. I was spiritually amiss…

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The benefits of meditation are well documented, as they are proven to reduce stress and anxiety as well as increase happiness and long-term focus.

However, it can sometimes be intimidating or stressful even sitting down to do so. Following a guided thought process can be helpful. It has for me in the past.

Deliverables: (1) Brief discussion (FaceTime or Skype) about your life currently and changes you would like to bring about in the future

(1) 5-10 minute meditation recorded for your use at any time

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Spirit Coaching
  • Spirit Coaching
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Unsure of what's next in your life? Unsure of where your strengths/passions lie? Need help finding meaning and purpose?

I've struggled with these questions. I've answered them for myself and turned these revelations into action.

I'll help you to identify your strengths, work with you to pursue your greatest passion, and identify hang ups that may exist.

Deliverables: 1 hour intensive session (FaceTime or Face-to-Face)

1 hour research and document preparation including analysis and suggested steps

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