There is nothing more important than time invested in yourself in pursuit of your greatest happiness.”

— Anonymous

Be Frank Spirit: Blog

*Disclaimer: The majority of these will be informational, introspective, and hopefully inspiring, but once in a while they'll be ridiculous. Enjoy the nuggets as they come. It's what makes this whole thing human.

La La Land 

I'll be goddamned if I didn't already stray from the music.

I'll be goddamned if I put life before the love.

I'll be goddamned if commitment won't get me killed.

I'll be goddamned when I no longer…

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Why Barista?

No, it's not coffee shop music. I don't even really drink/like coffee. Check that, I'd rather drink raw eggs than coffee. So why Barista?


Other than the obvious tell, referencing years logged in the service industry, Barista

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