The Impossible

The Foundation:

Looking now it may seem obvious, but prior notions that within 3 years I could learn to play guitar and sing, write and record an album, and build a multi-platformed website remains preposterous. I was spiritually amiss in college. I had no tangible skills and I hedged my position at every turn, hoping to back into something. Newsflash: I never did.


The process into finding myself in music and making a conscious choice to pursue it would be worth sharing as well, so I won't divulge, but quickly after making that choice, I found myself in a position very similar to the one before. No skills, unsure of what to do next. However, the difference this time was that I had a purpose.


I had no idea what it looked like, nor did I know ANY (SERIOUSLY NOT ONE) of the steps to take to get there (not a single full-time musician or artist in the family), but soon I found myself making decisions. Though thoroughly researched, some decisions would lead me down a path that I didn't want to go or lose that hazy visual. At that point, I made a different choice that felt more natural or more in line where my heart was at that day. Sometimes... well most times... it hurt like hell. Wasting time and (just dirty loads of) hard earned cash suck. So hard. But the time is never wasted, and hopefully (with help from those who have done it before) you'll do it more efficiently than I.


Bringing it home:

What is really crazy is that I continue to have NO idea about a my path or the best way to get there. I still don't even know what "there" is. I continue to make and re-make decisions, but this time with the confidence that I have been here before and i'll probably figure it out.


So, as my good friend and guitar mentor Shane Lamb says: This IS the trip. It is that initial set of intention and choice that drives us along and it is the willingness to fail, to get lost, and to look for a way around at dead ends that matters more than some mass-fed sense of "accomplishment". Insert metaphorical pat on the back.


Reminder: I had NO formal musical education. And depending on how you define the word "formal" may not still. People are changing the direction of their lives EVERY DAY. I have an uncle who was married with children in a good job at Kraft and now is a hand surgeon (still with the wife and kids and happier now #wouldn'tthathavebeenagarbageending). We are not exceptional people (ducks shoes from family members). However, the setting of intention, the courage to be vulnerable to change, and honoring daily execution are exceptional goals. Most aren't willing to go for broke on those. But you can.


Contrary to belief, more opportunities are available to us now that ever. Set your intention, break your stupid rules made to keep you safe, and make a damn decision (Frank).


Tell that lost-ass schmuck in college about how far I have come, and he might not have said the word impossible (knowing my ego). But I bet he'd be pleased.

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